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New to the forum but have been working my way through threads and done a lot of research online. I’m looking for best parts/prices, to not damage my engine! Want to avoid bad brands and get the best (not necessarily cheapest or most expensive ) Guess I wanted to get all your petrol heads opinions on parts/places/brand for list below:-

Panel air filters
Intake headers
Sports exhaust manifold(thinking local exhaust specialist?)
Remaps on ECU
Fast road camshaft(essential?)
drilled & smoothed airbox (essential?)

I’m based in Dorset. Want to head straight for a remap, any recommendations on companys? At the same time I don’t want to strain the engine, what would be your preference to mod the engine to increase BHP by 30-80 without straining after the remap?

Thanks for taking a look at this thread and appreciate all feedback ✌
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