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Hi everyone, I have took my A200 Urban 2 days ago and have only managed to spend 70km with my new car. Not sure if it is because of nerves or if the car is indeed bigger but I did find it quite a task when butting the car into the parking lot. Do any of encountered the same initial difficulties in adjusting to the new car?

I do also feel the suspension is indeed quite stiff as every bumps and humps on the road is so much more noticeable than before.

I am now trying to download my phone contact list to the Audio 20 but is unable to do so. I can read my messages and make calls from the keypad in the car, but cannot manage to get the phone contact list downloaded. I tried it with my Blackberry and also with the Android Samsung S4. Will give iit another go come this weekend.

But I do oh love driving the car...even if only for short periods when commuting to work.
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