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Hi guys

I have been lurking in the background for the last few weeks, with interest... went and test drove an A 45 S plus on Friday after failing to get hold of a CLA to drive. Needless to say, was blown away and deposit left.

I know this forum is for the A class, but this seems to be the most active and knowledgable forum - and we are (soon to be) close relatives, so I didn’t think you’d mind me popping in to say hi!

Spec ordered: AMG CLA 45 S Plus
Patagonia Red
Black/Grey leather

Delivery slot due in June based on amendable slot already held by dealer (secured prior to factory closures and other unknown corona virus related delays)... so we will see!

Currently driving an Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce - a FANTASTIC vehicle which I still love as much as when I took delivery 2&1/2 years and 50k miles ago. A great drive and a great looker. Looking forward to jumping into an AMG at some point!
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