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Good afternoon everyone,
I hope you are well.

It is my first message on this forum. I looked for the most "correct" area to expose my doubt. I don't know if this will be the forum area where I should create the topic, but if not, please move.

I bought a Mercedes CLASS A 180a from late 2018 (service car). I am very satisfied with the car, btw. I've had it since June 2019.

However, there is something that bothers me since I have the car. It's bluetooth. I have already encountered some situations more or less similar to mine, but I come to you for help.

The only problem I have is just listening to music. Moreover, bluetooth works well and is always connected. What happens is, imagine, whenever I park and turn off the car and come back, most of the time (not always), it tells me that the bluetooth device has been stopped. Therefore, I have to disconnect and reconnect a few times until it works, and sometimes it doesn't work. The only way it always works is to restart the phone. Connect immediately and go to the part (not provided), but it works. Then just choose the song.

It's a little hopeless because I use Bluetooth a lot and I always have to be concerned with the connection to be able to listen to music. This bluetooth problem is only in music ... Besides, the phone connects immediately with the car for calls and others.

I have a Galaxy S10 +. I've done a hard reset and tried other things.

Has anyone gone through the same situation?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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