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W177 A200 auto amg line
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Hello :)

So I have a little noise that bothers me for a few months (approximately 3-4 months). I know these things are difficult to diagnose based on someone's description of what they hear, but I will try because it is bothering me.

In the morning (or after stopping the car for a decent time - maybe half a day at least), I start the car and let it warm up for a minute or two. The second I move the steering wheel, or move just a little , I get a 'clunk' in the steering wheel and on the steering column, as if something is stuck, like something rusty during the night and moving the steering wheel from its resting position has released it. I feel it .It is the only time that noise occurs. But this does not always happen. There may be days when I hear no noise or little. But I'm a little paranoid. This happens at all temperatures.

No noise when I am driving or parking, regardless of road surface.

I have booked my first job for the next month, but I am a little concerned as they probably won't do anything about it.

If you have any ideas, or have already experienced this "problem", I would like to know. Thanks!(y)

My car is a W177 A200 Auto AMG Line from January 2020. It now has 8,000 km on the clock.
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