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I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts on this setting,especially on long journeys.

my experience with it on:
  • If you are using sat nav and hit the motorway the car goes into drive (petrol engine), i tend to use eco mode on the motorway
  • The car will switch to e-drive at certain points on the journey, flat road or downhill
  • The car will drive and charge and top up the battery, it can get back to 100%
  • If you come off the motorway the car defaults to e-drive mostly
  • I usually switch to electric when I know I have enough charge to get me to the destination with 0% battery left, I don’t feel the car wants to do this automatically
I switched the setting off a few months ago thinking it was not as efficient as you use petrol trying to charge the battery back up. With the setting off it off the car stays on electric till the battery is used up and then charges until it’s back to 5% or so.

However I now have it back on and checking my trip data think it might be better on.

Anyone else played around with this on/off? Any other thoughts?
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