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Howdy folks ....
Got an Engineered on order, expected May(ish). No production number yet.

Have been waiting to get my order in for a while and now and was dead chuffed when it all came together. Always wanted the Designo Mountain Grey, which is what I ordered, but have been told that the option is 'critical'. Have spoken to Mercedes UK and they have confirmed it is showing this way until at least June, with no guarantee it will be avaialable at all after that. GUTTED!

Still, obviously very happy to be getting one. Hoping to see a few about soon as im undecided about colour choice now. Metallic silver (despite usuallybeing keenon this colour, but saw a silver Engineered in the showroom and it looked good) or Metallic Mountain Grey???

I've noted a member has just takne delivery of a Mountain Grey one so may be cheeky and ask for some photos in a minute.

Anyway, thanks for having me on board

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