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A bunch of people have recommended forums to help me with a few questions so here I am.

A close friend of mine is selling a 2015 CDI sport for a price I can't really turn down so I've been thinking to buy it and convert it into somewhat of a show/track car as a fun side project. If possible I need insight on what can and can't be done or any ways around getting anything done.

I want to replace the current 2015 CDI bumpers with the 2017 A45 front and rear bumpers but I was wondering if there would be any difference in clips/connectors that would prevent this?

I also want to change the media screen and speedometer cluster but was wondering if this would be possible and what software updates would be needed?

Also want to replace the standard front and rear bulb headlights to the 2017 LED's but and was wondering if this was possible and if so what I would need to do?

Also looking into remapping and was wondering what the do's and dont's would be and the best recommendations on what direction to take in regards to mapping.
as expected Mercedes won't tell me what is and isn't compatible so I really need as much help and advice as possible,

thank you
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