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Hello everyone,

Today I discovered there is a tuning brand (MST) that produces an air intake for all the 1.3T engines. I contacted them and they confirmed this product also fits our 250 hybrid car. You can see the product below:
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

They also send me some extra info:

1) The engine sound gets better
2) The dyno run shows +8hp and +13nm
3) More fluent acceleration through all speeds (both retakes, as standing starts).
4) No extra programming needed, no faults on the dash

I was wondering if someone already fitted this? If so, you happy with it?
I really considering ordering this thing as normal tuning is not available. I this means gone guarantee, but this has already expired as my car is almost 2,5 years. So no worries for this.

I did a similar upgrade in my previous car (mini F56 JW) and the difference was enormous. Even though the gains aren't that much, you could clearly feel the differences in retaking at high speeds. The sounds was also waaaaaay better.

Thanks for feedback!
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