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Thank you for letting me participate on your forum.

My name is David Newman and I'm the Digital Marketing Executive for Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire.

I continually update our group website with new vehicles (which I got loads of info on), offers, images, videos, reviews, used & new car inventory and a whole stack of news & events.

Please feel free to ask me any question and If i cant answer it then i'm sure someone in the motor group can

I love all things Mercedes and all things digital.

Feel free to google "used mercedes" and you'll see us sitting 3rd.

If you've got a website which needs greater visibility inGooglethen please message me or feel free to add me on linkedin and browse my personal site

I look forward to joining in with the conversations.

You guys are gonna love the news/images I've got...

Mostly looking forward to the C-Class cabriolet 2014 and GLA.... I'll share the info at a time when the manufacturer wont wrap my knuckles.

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