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Hi, here's a detailed write up on how to swap your mirror covers (e.g. swap them to black to get that night package look).

1. Remove the mirror lens. The mirror is stuck to a plastic backing plate with3M tape. The plate is same shape as mirror.the plate has clips on it which clip on to the circular swivel motor.You just need to pull the mirror off with your hands. Try not to use a tool (such as a flathead screwdriver, as you may shatter the glass).See attached PDF:


2. Remove the swivel motor; held in by 3 T10 torx screws. Marked by red circles in pic below. Remove the multi connector from back of swivel motor. N.B. The pic below shows the motor already removed. Removing this will give you more room to unclip and prise out the mirror housing.

3. Remove the two T10 screws shown in blue circles below (one is obscured by multi connector in my picture).

4. Start prising out the mirror housing, starting at the bottom and lifting up. The main clip (see pic), needs a flat head screw driver to help it out. There are also clips on the outside of the housing. I've tried to indicate on thesecond picture, but notvery clear I'm afraid.(picture taken from the internet).

5.Replace the mirror cover with your shinynew one, making sure it is all securely clipped in before screwing in torx screws. Don't forget to re-connect the multi-connector.

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