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Mercedes has had to source extra production capacity for its new A-class from a contract manufacturer in order to cope with demand for its new premium hatchback.

Between 2013 and 2016, the Valmet Automotive production plant in Finland will build more than 100,000 A-class units. Mercedes' two in-house production sites at Rastatt, Germany and Kecskemet, Hungary, are both already fully utilised, with the A-class range expected to go up to five models within the next 18 months.

""Our aim is to optimally serve customer demand and keep delivery times of our new A-class as short as possible in the interest of our customers,""� said Mercedes manufacturing chief, Wolfgang Bernhard.

Mercedes has confirmed it has so far received more than 40,000 orders for the new A-class, ahead of production starting in mid-September.

Rastatt will be home to the A-class, B-class and the new GLA SUV, while all five of the MFA-based cars ""“ including the CLA saloon and CLA Shooting Brake ""“ will be built at Kecskemet.

Valmet is currently home to the Fisker Karma, having previously been used for models including the Porsche Boxster and Cayman, Vauxhall Calibra and numerous Saabs.
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