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Hey guys and girls,

Not completely new to the forum as I've checked it out prior to purchasing the car but thought it would be a good idea to join and introduce myself.
I've been on other car forums before and always enjoyed what goes on and how incredibly useful they are.

I've owned a few cars previously, mainly Saxo's for track days, Alfa's, BMW Z4 3.0si, Civic Type R (the better looking one) and some normal motors such Astra's and also currently driving a Fiesta as my second car for work. They are more cars, I just cant remember 🤣

So I picked up a grey A250 Premium Plus edition (45k mileage) back in early December. I'm sure all of you know what they are but have added a picture. The picture was from the garage as I haven't had time to really take a good looking picture since I've owned it (not to mention its filthy right now due to the weather).

Absolutely love it and got some minor things I want to start working on but its more cosmetically. Couple of stone chips, paint scruff and to have the alloys looking 100%. There is also a rear window trim panel which I want replacing and have the part but need advice on how to replace it. I will ask this on another thread/channel though.

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Anyway, just wanted to quickly introduce myself. Not an overly active member on forums but wanted to say "Hi". Based in Milton Keynes.

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