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I have a A220d AMG 2019 and have had since the summer. Last month I had an error pop up every time the car was started regarding the front passenger airbag/seat restraint 'contact workshop'. It went back to the dealership for the day and supposedly it was fixed (warranty repair) - the paper work mentioned that they dismantled and rebuilt the passenger seat wiring.

2 days later I have a new issue - which seems more software than physical. The car does not detect anybody in any of the seats.

- When the 2019 model starts up there is a 'seat map' on the dash where yellow means somebody is sitting in it and grey means either it is empty or occupied with seatbelt on. This is the correct interpretation of this 'map' ?

Now after the repair, with or without seatbelt plugged in all the seats are grey. The red alert light on the dash with the seatbelt/airbag icon goes away when the seat belts are plugged in however the 'seat map' no longer works after the repair - doesnt flag up anybody without a seat belt on.

Anybody encountered this? Am I overlooking some menu settings that got reset after the repair?
Or is it looking it needs to go back for another warranty repair? Dealership is not near my home so it is a right pain to have the car go back

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