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Having just purchased a w169 classic SE Blue Efficiency 2009 model
I'd be interested to hear from other owners with reference to the extras that normally apply if any.
The car purchased has eco-start, parktronic & Steering assist (self parking) electric mirrors, removable tow bar, spot lights, and an oval exhaust pipe, shown in the early MB documents for the w169 as only being fitted to the Elegance and Advantgarde models

For members interested I have just started a section on the w169 on my site which I will add to as time passes.
for information go to :-
and select the subject matter you wish to view. or go :- google 'Lofty's Homepage'

Thanks, looking forward to your answers in due course
Have a great Happy and Safe Christmas, if you enjoy your car and Driving 'Don't drink and drive,' it could cost you your life as well as the lives of others, your licence, and these days even your freedom.

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