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I bought a wrecked 2014 a180 a little while ago and started to rebuild it. When I bought it, i got it on a trailer so it was rolling, even with both drive shafts still attached to the (automatic) gearbox.
I am not completely sure how or when this happened, however some time during the reparation the car got stuck in P and is now unable to move. And i am not able to get it out, because none of my brake lights work. The car does not seem to recognize when i push the brake pedal.
I have a few warnings on the screen of the car; ABS and ESP are not functional and parking brake fault seem to be significant.
I have already changed out my brake light switch, but that did not help.

Any ideas as to what else it could be? I am unable to find any wiring diagrams etc that could assist me in tracking down the problem.
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