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Newbie here with our first MERC and its is A180 Blue Efficiency 2013 model W176.

Bought the car about 2 weeks ago, I did not get to test the passenger window switches and I was informed they worked perfectly before buying it.

Anyway, be that as it may. The passenger front window opens only when pressed right down but does not open if I press the 1 click. Neither does it close for double click or the 1 click. I can operate it perfectly from the drivers side doors switch to close it and open it in all the different modes.

Before spending any on it to be replaced, could it just be a 'relearn' issue or would it be a replacement of a window switch?

If a relearn issue, how would i do that? if a replacement issue, how would i removed the door panel without an damaged to the clips or panel etc.

Thanks in advance
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