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Hi we had Pirelli snow control 190 on steel 15 '' rims on our w169 a class for the winter and they were brilliant awesome in the wet as well as snow its not law to have winter tyres in the UK but lots of people still fit them

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Winter tyres comes in 3 main groups;

Central European winter tyres:
Tyres made for typical mid-european winter, a few days of snow then rain etc etc
Focus is on performance in sludge and on wet tramac.
Pretty decent on snow, not that great on ice
Speedclassed often 200+
Examples; Conti TS820 or Sava Eskimo HP among others

Nordic winter tyres:

Tyres made for Scandinavia and Russia where you have snow and sub zero in 3 months
Softer rubber compound to keep soft in -25C
very good on snow , pretty OK on ice
not that good on wet tarmac often "wobbly" due to the soft rubber compound.
Examples:Michelin X-ice X13, Nokian Hakka R, BF G-force
Even dangerous in summer temperatures due to poor handling then

Studded winter tyres:
Tyres often preferred in Scandinavia
Studs gives excellent ice grip, good snow grip ( but some nordic ones are better!!)
Better on wet tarmac then Nordic but noicey
examples: Conti Icecontact,Nokian Nordman 4, michelin X-ice north 2

Myself I choose the compromise with mid-European tyres due to the climate in the Malmö area

In Sweden studded tyres are allowed 1/10-16/3 and winter tyres ( M+S marked and INTENDED for winter) are MANDTORY 1/12-31/3 if there are winter condition ( also applies to people from other countries)

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The Swedish Guy said:
Out of pure curiosity; does you guys in GB use winter tyres and if so what kind??

it's starting to become a little more common now. It's not a legal requirement but we've had a few 'bad' winters over the last couple of years and everyone in Audi's, Merc's, BM's etc. seemed to get stuck!
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